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Culinary Gardens for TVHS

The "before" pic of Temecula Valley High School's future culinary garden


We are so excited that we were chosen for this project for a couple of reasons. One, Craig and I are both Alumnus of TVHS and two, we whole heartedly support TVHS's efforts in bringing this awesome elective to their curriculum. You are looking at the future ADA Garden, Culinary Garden and Olive, Vines, Pollinators area gardens.

With the world we live in today, it seems that our youth only knows computer screens and social media. By the way, do they even teach cursive in school anymore? This is why we jumped at this opportunity to be a part of this and supported it so much we offered to donate some of our time. Our children need to get out in the sun (hello, real Vitamin D) and learn how to get their hands dirty again.

Another important aspect, in today's climate, it is becoming more and more apparent that the world has forgotten the simple things in life. We are living in an actual rat race where we seem to have no time and we are always looking for something fast (Chick-Fil-A anyone?). So the bigger issue and question here could possibly be, what is in our foods today? With consumers getting smarter (and starting to pay attention), we are learning that the best foods to eat are the ones with simple ingredients and ones that come from the ground! What would the world become if we can all be our own farmers? Craig and I try to live our most healthiest lifestyle and are also learning to grow our own. So, this project definitely hits close to home for us.

We are truly appreciative of this opportunity and can't wait to see these hills field with vegetation. This student planned project, TVHS Regenerative Agriculture Hillside Farm, has started a Go Fund Me page that you can help contribute to. Please consider supporting this project!

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