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  • Alana Burchett

Buying Land?

It seems we have been receiving calls daily from the same enthusiastic future land owner...they are in escrow on land and they want to start grading for their dream home. Most are in the very beginning, raw stage and don't know where to start and have no idea about everything that goes into this first stage. With the housing market in our area going through the roof..(track homes are well into the 800's), more homeowners are now looking into purchasing land and starting from scratch. While the end result is rewarding, the process is daunting, stressful and long.

First and foremost, the county or city will require a grading permit. This will require an engineered plan that must be submitted for approval. This is just one of many pieces to the puzzle and they start with permits, grading plans, building plans, and off sites (like water, electric, sewer, etc). At the end of the day (or months I should say), it can costs thousands (sometimes into the hundreds) before you even begin breaking ground on the building. While it just seems like we are "only moving dirt," this is the most crucial aspect and it cannot be avoided. You cannot build your house on unstable soils and you cannot live in your house without water and electricity.

If you are a future owner builder, we can help. We know the permit process, we can refer great civil engineers and we can implement your plans so that you can begin building your dream home.

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