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Residential Pads..Our PASSION!

When my father in law, Gene began BGI, majority of his work consisted of agricultural clearing and residential pads, mainly in De Luz. Over the past couple of years, we have widened our services we offer and have put our Backhoe to use with doing a majority of underground treatment systems and dry utility installations. When residential pads were our bread and butter, that has changed over the last year. So, when we were awarded this pad, Craig was so excited to start this project for the Browning residence because this is his passion! Craig is so talented and although he works off a grading plan, he's so good that he could do it by eye if he wanted to (and if it was allowed!). This is what he loves, what his calling is and this is what gets him going everyday...playing and moving dirt!! We can't wait to see the end result (which we will of course share with you) and we can't wait to see the Browning's progress and seeing their dream come true of building their own home.

Work in progress...residential pad in Glen Oaks, CA.


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